Bloxxchain game idea

Bloxxchain is very easy game to learn, but don't be tricked: it is also challenging. Lay a puzzle without dropping pieces in an unordered fashion. Once a line is completly filled it is ready to be transferred to the bloxxchain. More lines done at once: more points. The goal is to reach as much points in a single player mode. But be aware You are competing with others and there are jokers who can make Your live miserable... Check out the leader board for single players and make sure You beat them all. If You stay on the 3 top places, then You get Your gaming reward from the Atheios blockchain.

In the multiplayer mode people are playing against each other.

How to start and win

Easy... Register Yourself on This will create a free account which gives You some Atheios to wage.With the PLAY account You have access to several Atheios integrated game which means You can get rewards from the games. Can I play for free without Atheios? Not anymore..., but You get 10 ATH at registration, so the first 10 games are secured.

As we have moved the game to the new GARP framework of Atheios The game currently works only in single player mode. We are working on the multiplayer mode as the next step.